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Modern society faces numerous challenges in the sphere of ecology and water use. The Chair aims to implement long-term programmes to address regional and global problems in the field of  environmental and water management through joint actions with Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions.

The main activity of the Chair is research within the framework of the Sibstrin University scientific school "Ecologically safe technologies for natural and waste water treatment" with the participation of research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to this direction research has been conducted on the following topics:

Development of technologies for cleaning of surface and underground natural waters for drinking water supply;

Improvement of technology for municipal wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactors;

Preparation of urban wastewater sediments for use as organic fertilizer;

Improvement of existing and development of new high-performance wastewater treatment technologies in various industries.

Based on the research, new devices and technologies for natural water and sewage treatment are proposed; they are protected by 11 patents of the Russian Federation.

The developments are implemented at 30 enterprises in 14 cities and towns of the Siberian Federal District.

Along with that mainstream research the Chair also carries out research concerning different aspects of the Earth surface and ground waters use and problems. They are:

Improvement of environmental monitoring of river basins of the north-eastern sector of the Arctic;

Environmental engineering improvement of small rivers in urban areas;

Underground thermal and subthermal waters as a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy.