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International Summer Ecological School - 2017

International Summer Ecological School was held at NSUACE (Sibstrin) from July 24 to August 5, 2017. Students and professors from Sibstrin, the University of Belgrade (the Republic of Serbia) and Incheon National University (South Korea) took an active part in its work.

The Serbian delegation consisted of 4 undergraduate students (K. Krstich, L. Stojadinovich, N. Andelich and L. Mrdakovich) and 3 professors (Professors A. Dukich, M. Ivetićh and J. Despotovich) from the UNESCO Chair of the University of Belgrade. The delegation  from South Korea included 10 students and 2 professors  (Professors Eun Chul Shin and Jong Wan Hu) from the Incheon National University.

On the first day the delegation from Serbia had a meeting with the Rector of Novosibirsk State University  of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) Yuri Leonidovich  Skolubovich, who greeted the participants of the  International School. During the first week, students and professors from Serbia got acquainted with the work and activities of the of the Environmental Engineering Faculty departments.  They conducted experiments in laboratories, made reports on the results of their scientific activities. Within the framework of the Ecological School the guests visited important hydrotechnical, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities of the city of Novosibirsk (Novosibirsk Gateway (lock), NFS-1 and wastewater treatment plant). They learned about ways of natural and waste water treatment used in Novosibirsk. They also had a meeting with the Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Novosibirsk Region.

The second part of the summer school program started on July 31 when a delegation of students and professors from South Korea joined the Serbian participants of the International  Summer Ecological School. Professor Eun Chul Shin (Republic of South Korea), Professor J. Despotovich (Sebria), Professor N.N. Fedorova  (NSUACE (Sibstrin)) and Professor N.V. Sineeva (NSUACE (Sibstrin)) delivered lectures to the participants.

During the second week, students from Serbia and South Korea attended the course of lectures and practical classes "Computer Modeling for the Construction Problems Solution " delivered by researchers of the scientific and educational center of computer modeling "CADFEM-Sibstrin"  Professor N.N. Fedorova, S.A. Walger and M.N.  Danilov.  A postgraduate student of the Chair of Architecture and Urban Development  N.V. Borovikova delivered  a lecture about architectural  climatic design. Foreign participants  had an opportunity to learn Russian at the “crash course” held by Russian language teachers from the Chair of Russian language of Sibstrin university.

At the end of the summer international ecological school Serbian and Korean delegations were awarded diplomas of the International  Summer Ecological School.

The cultural part of the program was varied and eventful. School participants visited Alexander Nevsky Cathedral,  where Professor S.V. Litvinov  told them about the architecture and history of the cathedral. The guests  visited the State Public Scientific and Technical Library and the Museum of Book, the Planetarium,  the Novosibirsk Zoo named after R.A. Shilo, Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Engineering named after  N.A. Akulinin, museum and tourist complex "Suzun-plant. Mint "and the holy spring in the village of Lozhok in the Iskitim district, the Museum of the West Siberian Railway History, the Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the SB RAS, the Central Siberian Geological Museum and the Academic Park in Akademgorodok.  . Students from Serbia had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of Siberian nature:  they went on boat trip along the Ob River and had a fascinating bike tour around  Zaeltsovsky Bor.

K. Krštich, a school  participant from the University of  Belgrade shared her impressions: "We liked the program of the school very much, we have learned a lot for two weeks of training. For example, we got acquainted with the basics of work in Ansys,  we have not studied this program before, because different software is used at our universiy. Lessons of the Russian language were also very interesting. Novosibirsk is a beautiful city, the cultural program of the school allowed us to get acquainted with many places of interest: various museums, sights,   Academgorodok. Our specialty is "Hydraulic structures and water treatment", so it was very interesting for us to study the operation of large treatment facilities, which we visited here. When we went to the lock, we saw the process of locking the ship - it was awesome! We all liked it very much and we hope that next year the program of the school will also be very interesting for  students of Novosibirsk in Serbia and for us in Novosibirsk! "

The main organizers of the Ecological Summer School were the Deputy Head of the UNESCO Chair "Theory and Technology of Environmental Safety in Water Resources Control " N.V. Sineeva, the Center of International Affairs, post-graduate students of the Water Supply and Sewerage Chair A.A. Tsyba and E.N. Matyushenko, as well as master students of the Ecological Engineering faculty A. Valov , M. Garmakova, O. Primak and A.Startseva, who earlier visited the International Summer Engineering and Ecological School at Belgrade University (Serbia) . G.T. Ambrosova, I.A. Kosolapova, R.Sh. Mansurov, V.V. Degtyarev, A.A. Gudkov, V.V. Molodin, E.L. Voitov and V.A. Seredovich took an active part in organizing the work of the summer school.

Summer Ecological School