It's always more fun with friends: a festive evening for foreign students was held at the Department of the Russian Language

On December 13, 2022, the Department of the Russian Language hosted an evening "With friends". It was attended by foreign students studying at NSUACE (Sibstrin) who came from China, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Poland and Ecuador. The evening was dedicated to the international cuisines and the upcoming New Year holidays.

The event was organized by the teachers of the department V.P. Volokhina, E.V. Zhigalkina, T.D. Bogochanova under the guidance of the head of the department R.S. Satretdinova. They not only prepared the concept of the event, the script, the games, but also cooked a variety of Russian salads, bought treats, tangerines and sweets, set the festive table. Each foreign participant of the evening also prepared a dish of their national cuisine and presented it. It was a warm, cheerful and very delicious holiday, made from the bottom of the heart.

The friends meeting was opened by the head of the Department of Russian and Foreign Languages Raisa Satretdinova. She said that the Russian language in our university is now being studied not only by students from Russia (the course of speech culture), but also by students and listeners from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Spain, Ecuador, Cameroon, Vietnam, from Asian and African countries. Raisa Saifullovna send whole-hearted greetings to the participants of a meeting, congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year. She noted that we have a lot in common: we are all kind, sociable, friendly. Cuisine, delicious food unites people, it is a part of a holiday in any corner of the world. And students have always loved to have fun, learn and try something new. The head of the department wished everyone health, happiness, good mood and excellent knowledge.

The host of the evening, senior teacher Valentina Voloshina, conducted a quiz with foreign listeners. The guys were happy to answer New Year's questions, it was useful, pleasant and fun for them to touch the Russian culture, traditions, and realities of the New Year. During the conversation, the audience introduced themselves: who is from South Korea, who is from Poland, who is from Ecuador, China, Vietnam.

After the quiz, the participants began to treat each other with dishes of their national cuisine. Listeners from South Korea prepared "Ttokpokki" from shrimp, rice, seaweed and broth. Soup is always eaten in Korea, during any holidays, even during a wedding and New Year. Soup warms, gives strength and a good mood, according to Korean. You just need to cook it properly. Uzbek Selbiniyaz cooked pilaff, which absolutely everyone liked. David from Ecuador brought his festive Ecuadorian dish, spicy and stiffness. Russian teachers cooked wonderful Russian salads, vinaigret and others. At the end of the lunch, Polish listeners Dorota and Iolanta surprised everyone: they treated friends with a huge delicate flavored charlotte, shared a recipe and told a funny story about how they cope with frosts in Siberia.

After tea, foreign students played board games for a long time: bingo, words, geographical names. Then they put together a huge puzzle – a map of the world. The map turned out to be bright, cheerful, big, like the holiday itself.

The guys did not want to go home, because on a cold winter day nothing unites so tightly as good communication, mutual understanding and friendly conversation. The evening "With friends" turned out to be really warm, sincere, very lively and useful. Foreign listeners learned a lot of interesting and useful things about Russian culture, made new friends, and received vivid impressions. We are sure that they will remember this meeting for a long time, perhaps for the rest of their lives, and will tell their friends in their countries about it.

Materials and photos prepared by the Department of Russian Language