NSUACE (Sibstrin) co-organized and participated in IX Interuniversity Environmental Cup 2021 with international participation in Novosibirsk

On November 9 – 10 2021, Novosibirsk hosted the IX Interuniversity Environmental Cup 2021 with international participation, the traditional annual student industry conference in the field of environmental protection and nature management, aimed at drawing public attention to environmental safety issues and organizing an active discussion of environmental problems between students, experts and public audiences.

The event is organized by NSUEM with the support of NSUACE (Sibstrin), the Novosibirsk Region Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Committee for Environmental Protection of Novosibirsk Department of Energy, Housing and Communal Services, the “Center for Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements in Siberian Federal District” Federal State Institution, Novosibirsk Regional Association of Waste Management Enterprises “Ecology of Siberia”.

In 2021, in the face of coronavirus infection spread danger, Interuniversity Environmental Cup was held in a distant mode with the use of ZOOM and MOODLE platforms. In total, 12 teams from different Novosibirsk universities (NSUACE (Sibstrin), NSUEM, NSTU, SSUGT, SSUWT), as well as from foreign partner universities of NSUACE (Sibstrin) – Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Belarus), Togaighyrov University (Kazakhstan), International University of Innovative Technologies (Kyrgyzstan) participated in IEC-2021. NSUACE (Sibstrin) was represented by 2 teams of first-year and second-year students of Environmental Engineering Faculty - “Ecolyandia”and “Ekosibirsk”.

The main direction of work at the XI Interunivesity Environmental CUP-2021 is comfortable urban environment. The program of the event included several stages: a project competition, an intellectual game, the Ecobattle environmental campaign, as well as a film festival called “Spruce Branch”, which was evaluated separately.

At the stage of Projects, the participating teams presented their developments in accordance with the stated topics in the format of homework. The topics were distributed in a preventive manner during the draw. The projects presented were evaluated by the experts according to the following criteria: stating of the problem, defining goals and objectives, applicability and significance, quality of study, cost effectiveness for project implementation; project presentation. From our university, the Ecolandia team presented a project on the topic “Digitalization of Urban Environment”. This work was awarded in the nomination “The most innovative project”. The Ekosibirsk team presented a project named “Comfortable Urban Environment”, which was awarded in the nomination “The most socially developed project”.

In collaboration with the UNESCO Chair of NSUACE (Sibstrin) within the framework of Environmental Cup – 2021 the Ecobattle environmental campaign, which has already become traditional, was held to clean up the urban area from waste at a time convenient for all teams, with photo and video recording of the results and a report in a form of an evaluation sheet. The students of EEF (Environmental Engineering faculty) chose the area of NSUACE (Sibstrin)’s laboratory building as the area to clean. A total of 125 bags of garbage (plant waste) were collected by the two teams. The guys worked well together, showed their maximum activity and good results, thanks to which Ekosibirsk team took the third place at the Ecobattle stage.

The Dean’s Office of the Environmental Engineering Faculty expresses its gratitude to the students participating in IEC-2021 Nikita Kiselev, Angelina Mychkina, Ivan Moiseev, Nikita Makushin, Sofia Vladimirova, Georgy Volodin, Victor Ivanov, Ekaterina Vakurina, Anna Malafeevskaya, Anastasia Kondrashova, Denis Imenov, the captains of Ecolandia and Ecosibirsk teams Vasily Makarenko and Petr Stolbushkin for their organizational qualities, high level of responsibility, caring attitude and creative approach in preparing for the competition.

The article was prepared by the Institute of International Affairs Director Natalia Sineeva and Environmental Engineering Faculty Deputy Dean Tatiana Strelnikova