Dear Colleagues!

Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) (Russia) invites you to attend the course of English-language lectures by Uwe Geisbauer (the University of Stuttgart, Germany) "Applied Aerodynamics", organized within the framework of the Consortium of Novosibirsk Universities

The course includes 12 lectures and on-line credit work. The schedule of classes is being specified.

Dates: end of October - December 2021

Language: ENGLISH.

The lectures are accompanied by supporting electronic material, which is provided to the audience.

The NSUACE (Sibstrin) certificate is issued to all students who have successfully passed the test in the form of an interview.

Course participants: bachelors, undergraduates, young scientists, teachers.

English Course Program:

  • Introduction and fundamentals of fluid mechanics.
  • Fluid mechanical effects in pipe elements (hydraulics).
  • Fundamentals of wind effects on structures (buildings).
  • Aerodynamics of vehicles (cars, trucks, trains).

Course fee: 3,000 rubles per a person for participants who are not the members of the Consortium of Novosibirsk Universities.

Free for 5 (five) students and all teaching staff of Partner Universities, including Turkish Universities.

Course Registration: