NSUACE (Sibstrin) hosted the International Online Symposium “Modern Resource Efficient Materials and Technologies: Prospects and Applications”

From December 15 to 17, 2020, Department of Construction Materials, Standardization and Certification of NSUACE (Sibstrin) hosted the International Online Symposium “Modern Resource Efficient Materials and Technologies: Prospects and Applications” organized with the support of Holding Company “Siberian Cement” and KNAUF Company.

More than 100 people were the participants of the online symposium, including scientists and specialists from Moscow, Barnaul, Omsk, Novokuznetsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ivanovo, Saransk, Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk, Namangan, Tashkent, Fergana, Urgench, Khorezm, Pavlodar, Almaty, Mogilev, Köln (Cologne).

The symposium consisted of a plenary session and four sections. The reports and presentations of the faculty staff, the representatives of construction, design and research organizations, government institutions and individual researchers were presented during each session. The scientists and practitioners discussed topical issues of obtaining efficient and durable, environmentally friendly resource and energy efficient building materials, the ways to improve technology for obtaining knowledge-intensive building materials, as well as economics, management and quality control of building materials and technologies.

On December 15-16, a plenary meeting was held, where the reports of the participants from Germany, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan were presented.

“The symposium participants presented a number of informative scientific articles on topical issues, including the production of cement and building materials based on it. My report was focused on the problem of falsification, in particular, the danger of using unknown quality and measures to counter its distribution on the material market. I am sure that such an exchange of knowledge and experience contributes to the development of the construction materials industry. I thank the organizing committee for the excellent organization of the event and the high scientific level of the submitted reports. I will emphasize the importance of the considered issues, the competence of the participants and the practical value of the symposium” – said an active participant of the International Online Symposium, the managing director of AO “Iskitimcement” (Novosibirsk Region, Russia), Vladimir Petrovich Skakun.

“I am sincerely delighted to welcome the organizer of the conference on behalf of Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, Uzbekistan. We are very grateful to the main organizer of the conference, NSUACE (Sibstrin), and the general partners Holding Company “Siberian Cement” and KNAUF Company. We sincerely thank you for your support and invitation to participate in the symposium. It became a friendly discussion for us providing the opportunity to exchange views on current issues of the construction industry, as well as the experience in teaching these disciplines at the university. Speaking about the cooperation, we are in a constant search for new opportunities for integration between our universities, for the further development of relations between Russia and Uzbekistan, and we will not dwell on what has been achieved. We thank sincerely you and all colleagues!” – one of the participants, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, the Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Technology of Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute (Namangan, Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan), Sobirzhon Zhuraevich Razzakov submitted his review on the event.

Summing up the symposium results, Olga Evgenievna Smirnova, Head of the Department of Construction Materials, Standardization and Certification, noted: “Now we are living in an interesting time, we are learning fully an online format. On the one hand, it will not replace a personal communication. But at the same time, holding the symposium “Modern Resource Efficient Materials and Technologies: Prospects and Applications” in such a format gave us the opportunity to meet and exchange experience with our colleagues, partners and friends from Germany, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan”.


Recording of the first day of the Symposium

Recording of the second day of the Symposium