Dear colleagues, we are glad to invite you to take part in the international Research-to-Practice school


in the period from November 23 to December 05, 2020

at the site of the UNESCO International Chair of Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) (Novosibirsk, Russia) with the participation of the University of Stuttgart (Germany).

Similar events have been held at NSUACE (Sibstrin) since 2017 . Previously, students and scientists from the University of Belgrade (Serbia), Incheon National University (South Korea), scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the leadership of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Novosibirsk Region took part in scientific schools. The events of the Schools included not only lectures, master classes and practical exercises, but also excursions to objects of the city of Novosibirsk on the subject of Schools, events of a social and cultural nature.

Within the framework of the School, a scientific internship is organized for undergraduates (72 hours). The scientific internship program includes general and elective components.

The general component includes online lectures and workshops by the leading scientists of our university and the University of Stuttgart (Germany) in the following areas: "Modern software systems for solving ecological problems of urbanized territories", "Engineering and computer graphics in the field of architecture and construction", "Architectural and ecological problems of urban planning", "Eco-friendly technologies for sustainable development", "Modern technologies for the production of building materials", "Fundamentals of applied aerodynamics" and others.

The elective component includes online consultation on the subject of the dissertation of the School member with a scientist from NSUACE (Sibstrin).

Category of listeners: undergraduates, young scientists, teachers, researchers of scientific and educational organizations.

Form of conduct: remote with the ability to view full-time videos of the School at a convenient time.

Category of listeners: undergraduates, young scientists, teachers, researchers of scientific and educational organizations.

  • Language of instruction: English.
  • Language of consultation: Russian.

School Graduation Documents:

  • participant certificate of the established format issued by the Institute of International Affairs of NSUACE (Sibstrin) (in English, for all participants),
  • advanced training (or scientific internship) certificate of the established format (issued at request, in Russian, additional fee – 500 rubles).

Training period: 72 hours.

Tuition fee scientific internship: 6,000 rubles (lectures, workshops, electronic teaching materials, a standard certificate   included).

Tuition fee school: 8,500 rubles (lectures, workshops, electronic teaching materials, school graduation documents included).

For a group of participants from the same organization / institution, the following pricing policy is provided: every 5th participant in the group is trained for FREE!

If you wish to participate, please register here: .

Registration deadline: November 13, 2020 inclusive.

Coordinate.: Evgeniya V. Lytkina  +7(383) 266-16-64,

School teachers and training units: