An open lecture by Professor of Harbin Polytechnic University Lin Guohai on the theme "Low-Rise energy-efficient construction in cold regions of China" was held at Sibstrin

On December 17, 2018, the general designer of the Harbin Corporation Hongsheng (Harbin, China), the author of numerous scientific papers and patents, professor of Harbin Polytechnic University and honorary professor of a number of foreign universities Lin Guohai delivered an open lecture at NSUACE (Sibstrin). The event was held as part of the working visit of the delegation of the Harbin Corporation Hongsheng to our university.

The theme of the lecture was devoted to low-rise energy-efficient construction in the cold regions of China and aroused great interest among students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers of Sibstrin.

Professor Lin Guohai told about the unique technology of erecting low-rise buildings, which allows to reduce energy consumption for heating by 95 percent thanks to good thermal insulation or to stop using heating devices in houses lower than 15 meters. The technologies developed by Lin Guohai and Hongsheng Company speed up the construction process, reduce its cost and ecological impact, and increase seismic resistance.