The results of the intra-university competition of English translators have been summed up

On May 11, 2023, the Department of Foreign Languages of NSUASE (Sibstrin) held a traditional intra-university competition of translators from English for 1st year undergraduate students. The competition was attended by students of all fields of institutes and faculties.

The purpose of the competition is to motivate students to study foreign languages as a means of international communication, acquiring language competencies for their further application in their professional activities.

The contestants were offered the authentic text "Engineering Skills Can Build a Better Society" for translation. Students had to translate the text without distorting the meaning, trying to avoid grammatical and stylistic mistakes. It was possible to use traditional English-Russian dictionaries in book format. The contestants had to complete the task in a strictly fixed time – 60 minutes.

The proposed text material corresponded to the main directions specialty of the contestants "Construction" and touched upon the problems of professional competence of engineers, involvement of engineers in public life.

The students successfully coped with the task, demonstrated high-quality, competent translation of the text and a serious attitude to the studied subjects.

Responsible for the competition, senior teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages G.I.Mikhailova, N.S.Polushina, checked the correctness of the translation of the text according to the criteria for evaluating the competitive works.

The winners-participants who scored the highest points:

  • 1st place – Maria Usarova (116a group);
  • 2nd place – Elizaveta Rudt (114a group);
  • 3rd place – Daria Lomakina (114 group).

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants of the contest!

We would like to believe that today's first-year students will continue to study English even after completing the study of the discipline "Foreign Language" and will be able to apply the acquired language competencies in their future professional engagements.

The material was prepared by the Department of Foreign Languages