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Institute of International Affairs

In order to promote the integration of the University into the world educational and scientific space by the decision of the Academic Council and by the order of the rector the Institute of international Affairs was established in 2018.

The Institute of International Affairs includes the following University departments:


Address: 113, Leningradskaya st., Novosibirsk, 630008, Russia

Institute of international Affairs

Director of the Institute of International Affairs

Natalya V. Sineeva:

phone (383) 266 2581,










Head of the UNESCO Chair

Yuri L. Skolubovich (Rector of NSUACE (Sibstrin)):

phone (383) 266 4125,











Director of the Center for Work with Foreign Students

Viktor Ya. Melnik:

phone (383) 266 4359,





Director of the Centre of International Projects

Evgeniya V. Lytkina

phone + 7 (383) 266 2581,