The Novosibirsk State University of architecture and Civil Engineering(Sibstrin) [ A Portrait Against the background of The City(play video) ]

Institute of Civil Evgineering


Vladimir Gvozdev

PhD, Associate professor

Tel. (383) 266-47-37











  • Founded in 1930.
  • 85 years of existence, has trained about 20,000 specialists with higher education for the industrial and civil construction.
  • Actively cooperates with Russian and foreign partners.
  • Includes 7 chairs.
  • 129 teachers are employed at the faculty.
  • 84% of the teaching staff have scientific degree.
  • About 1000 students study at the faculty.


Chairs of the faculty:

  • Concrete Structures;
  •  Metal and Wooden Structures;
  •  Engineering Geology, Bases and Foundations;
  •  Technologies and Organization of Construction;
  •  Building Mechanics;
  •  Theoretical Mechanics;
  •  Higher Mathematics.


Undergraduate programs:

  • Construction


Industrial and Civil Engineering

Expertise and Real Estate Management

Master's degree programs:

  • Construction

Postgraduate programs

Are run at 4 of 7 chairs

Educational and industrial practice

1st , 2nd years - educational, scientific practice (for example, geodesic practice at the geodesic test site of the University);

3d  year - industrial practice (in specialized companies and organizations of the Siberian region, Russia and abroad)



Extracurricular activities:

Students of the faculty take active part in contests and competitions of nationwide level in:

  • Theoretical mechanics,
  • Descriptive geometry,
  • Strength of materials.

Sports teams are winners in sports competitions among faculties in volleyball, basketball, mini football.

There are art groups that actively participate in all cultural and creative programs of Sibstrin.