The Novosibirsk State University of architecture and Civil Engineering(Sibstrin) [ A Portrait Against the background of The City(play video) ]

Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering offers various programs of complementary education

Major directions:

  • Professional retraining according to the programs:
    • Industrial and Civil Engineering;
    • Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation;
    • Water Supply and Sewerage;
    • Urban Development and Services;
    • Special Programs for corporate education within the frames of the University licensed directions. 

Professional retraining is complementary education to the main higher or secondary professional education. It gives the opportunity to master new profession in short terms (1.5 years) without affecting the main job, minimizes training costs and gives perfect start to your career. Specialists with higher education, secondary professional education or a bachelor's degree, having not less than 2-year experience in the field of construction are invited to professional retraining.

  • Certification of specialists according to the programs of the National Association of Builders.  NSUACE (Sibstrin) is an accredited center of testing within the unified certification system of the National Association of Builders. 
  • Advanced training (according to more than 100 programs) for specialists of different fields with higher or secondary professional education, directors and businessmen interested in upgrading of their professional level. The main directions are:
    • Construction;
    • Architecture;
    • Designing;
    • Engineering Survey;
    • Economics; Management: Marketing;
    • Pricing and Estimating;
    • Technologies; Building Materials, Structures and Products;
    • Hydroengineering Construction; Hydromechanization;
    • Energy Conservation;
    • Ecological Problems;
    • Engineering;
    • Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Management;
    • Special Courses.
  • Corporate Education according to special programs is professional retraining or professional upgrading of employees taking into account their specific requirements.  The most effective scheme of training will be offered. Nonresidents can be accommodated in the University hostel.
  • Additional Education Service – seminars, trainings, consultations, distance online undertakings for those who need to improve their knowledge and skills in professional areas, to get actual information or to share experience with colleagues from other companies. Programs of additional education service are efficient, flexible, oriented at the latest scientific, technical and economic achievements. We are ready to create special programs of education according to your practical requirements.
  •  Preparatory Education  is a unique form of high-quality preparation for entrance exams and a good opportunity to enter the University.