The Novosibirsk State University of architecture and Civil Engineering(Sibstrin) [ A Portrait Against the background of The City(play video) ]

Welcoming Speech by the Rector

Yuri L. Skolubovich, Rector, Professor, Doctor of Science, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science

“The main condition for any transformation and development in the country is  intensive construction of domestic dwellings and industrial objects. In this connection, the most important direction for us is training of highly qualified specialists in the field of construction. Traditions of high quality training, scientific schools and scientific-industrial and innovation subdivisions have been formed and are developing successfully in Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin). It allows us to succeed in the solution of problems of any complexity and to take part in the construction complex development.”

We invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation!